Thursday, April 7, 2011

Made with Love

I am an incredibly indecisive person. So when it came to planning my wedding I kind of drove myself crazy. It was hard for me to grasp that this would be the only time I would be choosing a dress or flowers or a location. I didn't want to make any bad choices.

When it came time to choose my dress I was almost in agony. By my wedding day I had gone through THREE (you read that correctly) wedding dresses. As in I paid for and picked up three different dresses. When I put on the third (and last) dress almost exactly one month before my wedding (yes, seriously) I knew it was made for me.

When it came to my veil I was surprisingly decisive. Since I was a little girl I knew that I wanted my mom to make it. When I did price a couple I had serious sticker shock and it solidified my decision. However, my mom and I were at serious odds. I pictured myself in a Mantilla style veil with beautiful alencon lace. My mom was convinced that style wouldn't fit the style of my dress. So she made two. Her veil and my veil.

I was a two veil bride.

In the end we both decided that my design did in fact work. The fact that on my wedding day I had a piece of my mom with me was very heartwarming and something that I will forever treasure. When I found this sewing themed paper by My Little Shoebox I knew I had to have it. I've been so focused on creating classes and completing challenges that I haven't really scrapped anything for myself. At a crop last week I was determined to finish something that would be just for me.



Michelle McClure said...

What a gorgeous layout, I love the stitching on it. What a nice photo too! I was just at the SB courthouse over spring break.

Becky said...

Thanks Michelle! The funny thing is I love stitching paper but have no patience for stitching fabric! :)

awyatt7159 said...
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