Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Welcome to Scrapbook 101

Hey everyone! I had such nice ladies come to my canvas class tonight and it just reminded me how much I enjoy this turn my life has taken. So on to the next one!
I started what I consider my "real" scrapbooking about 3 years ago when I took the Scrapbook 101 class at Scrapbook Buddies. For about a solid year I took every class that was offered at the store; I have everything from baby pages (I have 0 kids) to zoo layouts (Which reminds me, I gotta go to the zoo...). I wanted to soak in as much scrapbooking as I could and learn any technique that was taught.

It's kind of sweet that I have come full circle. I will be teaching a Scrapbook 101 class on Tuesday, May 17 from 6:30pm-8pm at Scrapbook Buddies in Temple City.

My friends and I at Disneyland

After taking this class you will have learned all of the basics of scrapbooking as well as some simple techniques such as inking, tearing, and using embellishments (and if you have no idea what any of those are then come take my class!). Everything will be provided for you; just bring yourself, two pictures, and a tape runner (which can be purchased at the store). I promise I don't bite! =)

Please sign up at least a day in advance. You can sign up in the store or over the phone with a credit card by calling (626) 286-2846. This class is only $10 (and a tape runner costs about $6)!

We also opened up a few more spaces in my Glimmer Mist class on May 15!

Hope to see you soon!