Thursday, April 12, 2012

Getting SMASHy

When I first heard about Smash books, I didn't understand their purpose. Weren't they just like a mini-scrapbook? I chalked it up to just another scrapbook company trying to convince me that I needed this new line of products.

Every time I went to Michaels, I passed the Smash and all of their pretty embellishments. Once in awhile I would pick something up and look at it but I always put it back. I certainly did not need a new project.

Then one day I came across this video and it just clicked.

And suddenly I had to have it. It was just like this journal that I had to submit once a week in my English class in high school. It was by far my favorite assignment and I even continued the assignment once the school year was over. Except now I had pretty books to use!

So I started buying things. Every time I got a new coupon, I bought something new until I had all of the pieces that I like. I even broke down and bought two books. And then it all sat there. Until one night my BFF bought one and we sat down and Smashed together.

Being the ultra-organized person that I am, I was a bit overwhelmed by the lack of rules and structure to it all. It wasn't until I figured out what these books meant to me that I could finally begin. I've decided that I will use my books for all of those momentos that don't fit or work in a standard layout. My first "Smash" is of a wedding that my husband and I attended that was very special to us.

I haven't Smashed since but I have some ideas rolling around in my head and I will share what I come up with over the next few months.

So what do you think? Anyone else SMASH?



Heidi said...

I'm glad I'm not the only that felt that way. I just bought one in January and have been using it almost as a project life project. I use 4-6 pages for each month and put in pics, tickets, brochures, I write in it. And I put those calendars in and copy what written on my own calendar in the kitchen.

Ashley Rock said...

I love how it turned out-- looks great!

soapHOUSEmama said...

I have one that I bought to use as my homeschool planner :)

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