Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's Sprrrrrriiiing!

Hey ya'll. I'm baaaaaaaack! I've been a wee bit distracted...

The view from Mix Lounge in Mandalay Bay

I went on a quick trip to Vegas. Being on a tight budget (and really there for a wedding), my friends and I had to get creative on how to entertain ourselves for a day or two. We dubbed it "Becky and Pauline's 21 things to do under $21." We didn't actually find 21 things. We got tired after two. But if you're ever in Vegas on a tight budget and not there to do "typical" Vegas, check out the Titanic exhibit at the Luxor (get your tickets at the Half-Price Tickets Stands!) and do not ride the Mardi Gras floats at the Rio unless you want to see the hot dancers up close. Then again...

And DO NOT wait for Snooki to show up at her club appearance because this is all you will see for an hour...

The Red Carpet minus Snooki

I'm never watching Jersey Shore again. You broke my heart, Snooks.

Back to scrapbooking!

Spring is in the Air!
 I have a class coming up on Monday, March 28 from 6:30-7:30 pm. In this class we will be putting a pennant together and I will show you how to emboss paper using an embossing folder and my Cuttlebug. This class is only $7 but is almost full so if you're interested, call soon! Call Scrapbook Buddies at (626) 286-2846 to sign up. You will need a tape runner, a glue pen, foam squares, and distressing ink.

Hope to see you there!



Michelle McClure said...

Good to have you back. What a cute layout and so cheap too! How do you do it?

Becky said...

Thanks Michelle! When it comes to classes I try to be as creative with as few sheets of paper as possible. That way it stays affordable.

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