Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ticos for a Week

For our one year anniversary my husband and I headed to the beautiful country of Costa Rica. We stayed In Playa Flamingo which is on the west coast and surrounded by some of the world's most beautiful beaches.

Playa Flamingo

We stayed at the Flamingo Marina Resort thanks to a generous gift from my wonderful adopted grandparents. The weather was extremely humid and it rained at least once a day. For the most part we lounged around and just enjoyed some downtime.

After two days of relaxing, we got brave and took the city bus to the small town of Brasilito. Here we ate some AMAZING food at a soda (a small restaurant serving typical Costa Rican food) and make the trek to Playa Conchal. This beach can only be reached by walking through Brasilito. Luckily, we found a little tour guide to help us out...

Walking from Brasilito to Playa Conchal with our tour guide

Playa Conchal was as stunning as we had heard it was. The beach is made from millions of small white shells. The beach is protected by different environmental laws and therefore remains fairly untouched.

So many shells!

Playa Conchal
A few days later we became even more adventurous and did our one big tour of the trip-ziplining. Costa Rica is considered the birth place of ziplining so of course we had to give it a try. We had awesome tour guides (thanks EcoTrans!) who took us to The Congo Trail Canopy Tour in the small town of Artola. It was SO MUCH FUN! I wasn't sure how I was going to do considering my fear of heights but our guides were very patient and helpful that I felt totally safe. We even saw some howler monkeys hanging around!

Ziplining at the Congo Trail Canopy Tour
We spent the rest of the week exploring Playa Flamingo and eating lots of great food. We ate at all of the sodas in our area and tried new things. It was all delicious!

El Estero Azul, Playa Flamingo
Despite the 42 bug bites we had between the two of us (yes, we counted!) it was such an amazing trip and we can't wait to go back!

Off to daydream and relive it all over again...



Heather said...

Wow! What a fun trip. It looks beautiful and I'm so jealous of the zip lining. Happy Anniversary!

Becky said...

Thanks Heather! It was pretty incredible. Thanks for following me too!

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