Thursday, December 29, 2011

My One Little Word

My One Little Word for 2012 is embrace. Ali Edwards has a fabulous blog that is dedicated to the idea of One Little Word.

And what do you do with this one little word?
You live with it. You invite it into you life. You let it speak to you. You might even follow where it leads. There are so many possibilities.
I've been thinking about what my word should be for a few days now. My word came to me last night as I was driving to meet some wonderful friends for dinner. I was listening to a song on the radio that I didn't know when all I heard was the word embrace and I thought, "perfect."

There is a lot that is unknown for me this coming year and never has a word been more perfect to describe my coming journey.

I will embrace what is great about myself and what is not. I will embrace the blessings that come my way and all that I cannot change. And I will actually be embracing people more. So watch out if you see me!

So what is your One Little Word?

Wishing you many blessings in the coming new year!



dawn said...

good word. :)

Alex said...

Thats a good way to look at things. I don't know what my word would be but I'm thinking maybe it will be "content". Everything in life seems so much easier if you are content.

Becky said...

Thanks Dawn! :) Alex, "content" is a great choice and that is so true. How often I forget to be content with the little things in my life.

Kim said...

What an awesome choice! Embrace all things, feelings, and opportunities that come your way. Love it.

Becky said...

Thanks Kim. I'm hoping I can remember it all year long!

And have to say that I am loving both of your blogs! Awesome teacher ideas!

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